Saturday, January 19, 2013

#Adventures of Muddie - The Fulani Chronicles 1

My love for adventure took me to a Fulani settlement located in the heart of Dawaki Village, Abuja. (Whoever said Abuja is made up of just Maitama and Asokoro?!)

“Where you live in the world should not determine if you live in the world, abi?” If at all I had any doubts about that, the Fulani inhabitants of this settlement, young and old, male and female erased these doubts. It was a wonderful experience for me as I got quite the V.I.P treatment…which included free fura da nono (a fulani delicacy), free tuwo, lectures on how to be a successful nomad and of course, I also got to hang out with lots of fulani kids, who were more than happy to model for me, while I pretended to be a photographer.

I’ll save the details for another day but in the meantime, here’s a teaser from #The Adventures of Muddie – The Fulani Chronicles.

First of all…Introduction!
My name is Shehu… Surprised ko?
"...Do I look like Terry G?"
I’m a nomad but certainly not mad.
"Does the stick in my hand not suggest to you, that I’m Fulani?
…or are you a learner?"
This stick in my hand, is to me what a golf club is to Tiger Woods.
It is with this stick, I tend to the cattle that provides you with beef
(not the same beef that short rapper sang about) and other dairy
It is the same stick and my desire to achieve greatness that makes
me who I’m.
I’m a Fulani herdsboy and I’m proud.

I am Asma’u…a young beautiful Fulani girl.
Yes, I’m young but not na├»ve, so i can tell I’m Beautiful from the
 way your Camera lens focuses on me.
If I was on Twitter, my handle would probably be @Assmawho, ko?
It is a pity how our beautiful Nigerian names are fast becoming
an endangered species.
I don’t know what colors are on the Nigerian flag, or what the
Nigerian map looks like, neither do I know that the name of the
 President of Nigeria is, Ebele Goodluck Jonathan.
Your name is Mudiaga but you prefer to be called Muddie, even
when you know what it means to be "moody".
I might not have been to school and know next to nothing about
my country but I’m sure that you will teach me to read and write,
after which I will look up information about Nigeria on the
internet and when I finally decide to open an e-mail account, my
e-mail address will be asma’
I’m Fulani and I’m proud.


  1. Big ups man,nice aaaadventurous mind,hope I got dt right cos I jus might be a lagos fulani boi who HERD dt postin a comment is FOC,so I came to support the movement,kip it coming

  2. rily kool man!look forward to reading abt more of ur adventures...

  3. Muddie, you are one fantastic and amazing person with extraordinary skills and talent set. I am so happy and elated about the muddie factor and I know you will do amazing and great projects. I'm happy to know you - Okechukwu (Flava)

  4. wow...dis is absolutely great.....kip d gud work

  5. Great bro,really happy about this.keep it up bro.odinga in the buiding!!!guess u knw who dat

  6. I like your play on words, do hurry and get d chronicles published biko! I'm anxious for more...

  7. Nice alas the muddie factor we have been waitin for.simply amazing

  8. Thank u all 4 showing a broda luv...feels lyk my bday already but who says i can't celebrate it twice in one yr?
    I intend to change the name of d blog to "THE ANONYMOUS FACTOR" cos almost everyone here is anonymous. Haba mutane na(my ppl), even Lagbaja don tire to hide behind mask o!
    Once again, tnx guyz!

  9. rite, dis can be placed on a successfull ethnographical research..nice please next tym dnt forget ur bomb proff..

  10. First of all, muddie are you a learner? or does anything about Shehu suggest Terry G? Doesn't assma'u look like the next Agbani? Anyways next time u r in d bushes b sure to bring me back some hura da nono...