Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Muddie Factor

“If not me, na who? If not now, na when I wan start dis blog sef?” -Muddie

Now, that isn’t exactly my quote but at least, "Hillel the Elder" didn’t say it in Pidgin English. In other news, dis na January 2013, now about 4 years since i first decided to start my own blog but one excuse and then another, I have made more unfulfilled promises to self about this blog thingy than all presidents of Nigeria, past and present put together.
Thing is, while I kept waiting for that perfect moment, time didn’t stand still. It never will. While some of us are comfortable with just being dreamers, others actually live their dreams. Lord knows how many people started blogging while I was just comfy with wanting to. As I write this, there’s the “Nigerian Blog Awards” which honours bloggers who are truly exceptional but nowhere on the Awards list is the category for “Best Non-existent Blog”. If you doubt me, abeg show me the nominees and I’ll show you my blog (the one I always dreamt about ni). This goes to say that to succeed or not, we must at least try.
Inspired by the little voice in my head which constantly says to me, “Yes, you can” and moments when I am confident that I can achieve almost anything, I present to you…“The Muddie Factor.”
Like the name implies, this blog is a representation of all the things I love without a doubt and those craaaaazy experiences that have come to define the Muddie persona. Wether na Arts, Entertainment, Humour or Personal gist, if e cool, Muddie is involved (thanks to Oluwa noni).
This blog is not just about me, and that is why I’m dedicating it to all the wonderful peeps I’m lucky to have met in my, the ones who never cease to make me believe I am Muddie, those who have waited patiently for this moment and all those who will use this space to share their thoughts over time.
Ladies and Gents, una welcome to “The Muddie Factor.”


  1. Alhaji mudi taaaaaaanks a lot,I saw dis cuming like a vision and now its here cos reality is the surest way we move from bin dreamers to achievers of dreams,thanks for bin muddie,more drinks to ur elbow,lol

  2. And i thought i was your love:(, i had to hear about this from a third party, or mayb 2nd...nice job sha. Kudos

  3. Looking forward to all your cool write-ups. Congrats on "taking d bull by the horns".

  4. Muddie you are just one big inspiration! Ride on abeg - Jake Okechukwu

  5. I have seen it... Now get off my back trying to get me to read it, Cus i love it and it's now gonna be on my RSS!