Saturday, February 23, 2013


Who would have thought the Fulani people inspire some of the latest fashion trends, the world over…but my encounter with these three amazing Fulani brothers during my tour of a Fulani settlement in Abuja, changed my perception!

Ladies & Gents, meet Wailare, Usman & Sulaiman!

Wailare: Now welcome to the real shoot for Darey’s “Ba ni kidi” music video but first, Muddie...put your money in the bowl!

Usman: Hahahaha…he's not smiling because he thinks we are going to beg for alms.

Wailare:  Now ease up Muddie, we only brought you some fura da nono!

Sulaiman: [laughing]  Mai ya kawo shi nan?(what brings him here?)

Usman: It seems he has come to take pictures of our village...See, he has a camera.

Wailare:  With a camera in hand, I’m thinking he's here because the rest of the world needs some fashion upgrade and he knows there's only one place to get the very!

Usman:  Dan uwa, that makes perfect sense. First they criticize us for not being civilized and then they copy our fashion styles. I always knew we rocked.

Wailare: I hear so many people in the township now spot the Fulani inspired mohawk hairstyle, especially celebrities.

Sulaiman: So true, that inyamuri (igbo) rapper, Phyno presently spots one.

Usman: Well, the mohawk is already going out of fashion but I’m sure the world would love my hairstyle. The low cut is not totally new to them, but there's a new angle to it, the patch in the middle. It’s the real deal…so hurry, take a picture before I change my mind.
[General laughter]

Sulaiman: What about our clothes? Aren’t you people getting tired of skinny jeans?

Wailare: Hahahaha…I laugh in igbo! Baba (father) said back then, people would laugh at his trousers because they were too skinny and looked funny!

Usman: Hmmm, I mean who looks funny, a Fulani man in skinny trouser or Rick Ross in a skinny jean?
[laughter again...]

Sulaiman: Fashion designers across the world have embraced Ankara and I’m sure they need something new. I will not be surprised if tomorrow, i see Olisa Adibua or Dan Foster (those radio presenters) spot these same tops we are putting on.

Wailare: Considering their body frame, this would be a perfect fit.

Usman: Something tells me they already wear similar outfits. Uncle Abdul also told me a story of how his trader friends in the city often laughed at him back then because he always wore rubber shoes.

Wailare: Quite funny because today, all the fashionistas now wear funny coloured rubber shoes, you would think they are wearing colour wheels.

Sulaiman: The Fulani people might be seen by the rest of world as fourth world living in a third world country but we are one step ahead in fashion and always set trends.  We will continue to grace the pages of FAB magazine because  we are Fab. African & Black.

Wailare, Usman & Sulaiman: We are Fulani & we are proud!


  1. D entertainer @ his best
    Jerry say one bro

  2. Hehe funny........wailare!......oops, sry muddie nice 1.

  3. Wow I love this piece nw I knw where my sense of fashion comes frm.its bin in ma blood all along..Bee Why

  4. @ Jerry...tnx bruv, i fink itz d fulani boys @ their best!

  5. @ Iyere...u have changed my name now abi?
    God is watching u!

  6. @ Bee Why...Very funny but i'm glad u know now!

  7. Infact muddie u left out the colour blocking aspect of fashion something the fulanis are grand masters at.Think I will just learn from them seeing am with them all the time,time to dump all the fashion mags....if you get what I mean

  8. The Fulani Chronicles Is Just Epic!!! I Love It

  9. @ Sankay...thanks for pointing out the colour block and dumping the fashion mags, thats gangstar...lmao.

  10. @ Jakechukwu...thanks Boss, itz d fulani factor!