Thursday, July 04, 2013


After months of being held hostage by my job, guess who’s back? You guessed right, it’s O.l.u.w.a-m.u.d.d.i.e! I always thought I was good at multitasking but it obviously isn’t the case now. I apologize for taking y’ll for granted and will let you know the next time I plan on pretending to be the new face of P.H.C.N.

Before story plenty, I will share with you some of the amazing stuff I discovered while I was away…that’s the.muddie.factor!

After seeing the documentary for this book by Bobo Omotayo, I knew I was in for a roller coaster experience. It’s a collection of short stories based on the author’s experiences. Bobo’s writing style is uniquely simple, the stories I can totally relate to… plus how can I forget to mention that the book comes with great art…little wonder I made so much noise about it until I finally got me a copy.
Click on the link to see the documentary


Heaven only knows how much I love to discover beautiful Nigerian music and it might not be unconnected to the fact that my voice is quite horrible… so what I lack in voice, I make up for with great musical taste.
Bemyoda uses all five songs on the EP to Sketch himself and his mastery of the musical art into our consciousness. If depth is what you look out for in an album, here’s a gift from me to you.

Click on the link to listen to or download songs from the EP
Ladies & Fellas, there we have it. I know this doesn’t make up for my absence but I am back for good and here’s to many more posts in the days ahead…!


  1. For starters,Welcome back; I do so hope we see more of you that "new face of PHCH" isn't so nice.

  2. Hahaha PHCN! I have always wanted to read this book, I remember watching the Youtube vid last year