Saturday, March 23, 2013


One of the greatest problems the average Nigerian youth faces today is joblessness, sorry unemployment. Nigeria has one of the worst youth unemployment rates in sub-saharan Africa. It is reported that two in five Nigerian youths are unemployed. The Statistician-General of the Federation, Dr. Temi Kale, has revealed that about 20.3 million Nigerians are currently jobless and not engaged in any form of job. 

Recently, the Nigerian media widely reported the terrifying number of applications received for advertised jobs in Dangote Group, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).  Although the number of applications, which was nothing less than 100,000 in each of these organizations, can be used to paint the portrait of unemployment in Nigeria, this horrific figure is not a safe premise upon which to draw a conclusion on unemployment. This is because the figures are the sum total of these categories of applicants...
i.    The Unemployed
ii.   The Underemployed
iii.  Seekers of job satisfaction and
iv.  Those who want to work more than one job

This categorization notwithstanding, does not dispute the fact that applications from the unemployed cannot be rivaled by any of the other three categories.
The sole cause of employment in Nigeria is the fact that the country is tailored to administrate and not to produce. I need not remind you that the educational sector in is a poor state; Illicit admission processes, lecturers selling hand outs or sleeping with students for grades, mismanagement of funds.

I need not also remind you that the VC/RECTOR covers the dean - dean covers the HOD - HOD covers lecturers engaged in  illicit practices - lecturers cover class reps making money from students  - class reps cover lecturers sleeping with students and selling handouts, lecturers grades  students project even without really meeting with the students. Some lecturers insist on some amount being paid by students, else they write projects, exams or assignments in vain, and it goes on. 

The end result of mixing all these well known factors is that the calibre of students graduating every year, do not match the job opportunities around and even if they match, “mamados” (what we call man-know-man or connection or even long leg) is necessary to get the job.

Note however, that this is for graduates who have decided in their hearts that come rain, come shine, they must have a white-collar job. Nevertheless, can we blame them completely when we consider that fact that getting a white-collar job is all they have been programmed to think, dream, talk and do right from play class?  Now, that’s wrong programming from the onset. Now that we have identified the problems what are the solutions?

If you are unemployed two things are involved; you are either employable but yet to find a job or unemployable. If you are unemployable, you are not safe, therefore go and learn a skill, trade or acquire knowledge.
If you are employable two things are involved; you are either certain (for reasons known to you) that you will apply (if you have not) and get a white-collar job with correct pay or you are uncertain about getting the job.
If you are certain, you are safe. If you are not certain, two things are involved; you either spend years waiting and applying or find something worthwhile to do with yourself.
If you find something worthwhile to do, you are safe, if you want to wait and keep applying for years to come, i’m not so sure you are safe but God help you.

Blame and abuse the government for unemployment until your hair turns grey, it will not change your situation; our ancestors blamed the government for the same problem while they lived until they died and became gods of the land, still...nothing changed.
To all unemployed youths, graduates and the likes, who have been looking for job without result, cultivate a do it yourself attitude. Reduce the hours you sleep and think (I didn’t say worry), plan, start spending right, take away pride, start small if you must, do not wait for an angel. If you do not have the capital, go and borrow with a clear plan to repay. If your babe or boo will not buy into this idea, open a file for them and mark it K.I.V (Keep-in-view).
Make we pause here until tomorrow, I dey come……..

Thanks to JEREMIAH O. SUNDAY, my lawyer friend for sending this in.


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