Saturday, March 23, 2013


So it's my birth anniversary (queue Evi Edna Ogoli's HAPPY BIRTHDAY song here) and a few friends asked me what I wanted as presents so I put up a list:

1. A Macbook Pro
2. Samsung Galaxy S3
3. Raw CASH (Hundreds of thousands would be a good starting point)
4. An all-expense paid trip to Dubai, Gambia or Canada
5. A Canon 7D camera with compactible lenses and a hand-held grip
6. An apartment (fully furnished will be a bonus) bought in my name in an urban area (Lagos/Abuja top d list of locations)
7. Shopping spree for a whole new wardrobe - clothes, shoes, accessories...the works
8. Complete work of P!nk the artiste

Now I'd tell U a few things about me. I work in the media, I am a hardworking and most importantly, I'm a great friend and asset to many-yes, I'm humble like that. Well, I may have to admit that a couple of things mentioned, say the Samsung S3 may be solely self-serving. I hope by the time I'm done I'd be able to convince you how the rest are for communal good.

1st off, the MacBook pro would turn me into a mobile studio. I'd be able to edit pictures, film and audio in a snap and also in style. Surely if I start working & walking in style, some of you won't dare touch our friendship with a 10ft pole, so this gift would be strengthening the bond we share.

As a budding photographer, the 7D is a beauty to behold and shoot with. Imagine all the pretty pictures I'd take of you, moments shared in our friendships captured by this 7D cuttie and my, would we be on top of our social network strata, with all the buzz our keek and instagram accounts will generate...yipee! All thanks to the 7D.

Now having worked hard through the year to be the great person that I am, surely I deserve a break?! A vacation will be in order so why not send me to a choice getaway, preferably out of the country. Not only would you get a happier  friend upon return, the storyteller in me will spring to life and tales shall be regaled over drinks and finger food in the urban area apartment for a long time to come, after-all house-rent money would turn to our entertainment allowance abi no be so?!
Now by show of hands tell me someone here who isn't a (closet) shopaholic?! Seeing as I see none, we are in agreement then that a new wardrobe is in order abi when I appear on Bella Naija or ThisDay for fashion misconduct,  would you want to bail me from the jail the fashion police threw me in?! Aha, I dint think so :)
Now I'm not old school like Gwen Guthrie-the NO ROMANCE WITHOUT FINANCE songstress-but giving me cash would certainty oil the wheels of our vehicle called friendship. Even the government got it right with its monetization policy implemented in the civil service so why would you choose to stand aloof?!

You see I didn’t ask for the keys to a Maybach Exelero, a Bugatti Veyron SS or an Embraer Legacy 650 nor a slice of the Ronde Island among other things because I am a practical and considerate friend. Now that I'm done dreaming up my giftlist, let me go and eat my splendid sumptuous breakfast of Akamu and Okpa.

N.B: “In reality, I’m grateful for the grace of seeing another year in my life and this is my gift-list to myself, save for the smoking part.”

Thanks to Matilda  Shurlaa Ogunleye, my world famous sista & friend for sending in this post.

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