Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Dear Fam,
It has been about 3 weeks since I last posted on the blog and all I can say is “Ema binu jare, I wasn’t born this way!” A lot of things happened within this period...the good, the bad and the not so ugly but through it all, God has been at the top and yes, he is the Oga. It would take another 3 weeks to give you the whole gist, so i’ll just highlight the few which stood out like a pot belly.

MY LAPTOP (The Testimony) 
I woke up one morning to discover my laptop had gone mad. It kept beeping continuously and annoyingly too (the kind of alarm you didn’t set yourself and can’t stop either), some of the keys weren’t working anymore and just imagine Nigerian athletes running alongside Usain Bolt, that is how slow the system had become.  “Wetin I go do?” I asked myself. At that point, all I could think of was what would become of my blog. After trying to restart several times, the laptop finally went into a coma. It miraculously came back to life after about 3 weeks and is currently on life support. Brethen, join me in thanking the Lord. “The Lord who has brought my laptop to life will give me a mac on my birthday in 2014.” Oya, shout Amen!

This life (not the T.V drama) can be so amazing. I went to bed on the 2nd of March, only to wake up on the 3rd and there’s a text message from Infidelity bank, trying to convince me that it was my by-day (insert shout out to my Kaduna peeps). Several messages later, I still wasn’t convinced as no family member had wished me a happy by-day as at noon. They always forget and this leads me to ask, “family & friends, who suppose wish u happy birthday first?”

I still didn’t break my personal record for the number of gifts I receive on my birthday, each year. Just in case you are wondering, i’ll put you out of your only two gifts. The gift of life from God and then the gift of friendship, that is where y’ll come in! Tanchu tanchu...for all the beautiful prayers/wishes!

Muddie finally made his Nollywood debut as he starred in blockbuster movie “The interview”.  Y’ll need to have seen the puzzled looked on my face when i walked in and saw the crowd. “Oluwa o! Are these people here to watch a movie abi na the same interview we come for?” I asked myself.

It was really awkward, having to sit in a room with so many people waiting to be interviewed for the same job. I stared in their faces one after another, Buju Banton’s “Destiny” playing in my head. Some dressed like Ogas at the top, a few speaking in locally acquired foreign accents and others reading past interview questions & answers on their phones/ipads. In that moment, na only me know wetin i follow God yarn because every time I went for the next stage of the interview, the crowd was less, like God had a way of convincing them to look elsewhere, say for other job opportunities.

After three long weeks away from the blog, there are no cobwebs on the blog, there were occasional visits. Now that’s a shocker. For those who have forgotten the address of the site, in the now famous voice of Lagos Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC), Mr Obafaiye Shem, it is ww.themuddiefactor (*clears throat)....That’s all!


  1. Lol, nice, i no 4gt d website, der was no need asking my oga at the top:).

  2. Haha you are hilarious! I actually just goggled 'The interview nollywood' you got me!